3.28.23 Special Meeting of the General Council

Name of Organization:                   SPECIAL MEETING OF THE GENERAL COUNCIL

                                              Comprised of the Nevada Commission of Persons who are Deaf and Hard of Hearing (NCPDHHSI), The Nevada Statewide Independent Living Council, (NV SILC) and The Nevada Governor’s Council on Developmental Disabilities (NGCDD) Executive Committee

Date and Time of                Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Meeting:                         9:00AM

Place of Meeting:             Virtual: Zoom

Zoom Meeting Link

Meeting ID: 835 0276 1189

Passcode: 734812

Audio Only Option

1-669-900-6833 (San Jose)

CART will be accessible by following this link:

Caption Link

Interpreters for this meeting: Sonya Stark and Bobbi Bach

Meeting Materials can be found here: Home (nv.gov)