On July 26, 1990, federal legislation was passed that changed our lives. Read about the ADA. The ADA changed the way the Country views the rights of others, making people aware that it is a basic human right to have accessible transportation, employment and equal participation in our communities. Although there is still work to be done, this life-changing Act made it possible to address other disparities and inequities, launching a movement that continues to improve the lives of people with disabilities.

The Nevada SILC has nine areas of concern that warrant our ongoing advocacy, education and attention. As indicated in our State Plan for Independent Living, we developed position statements that define our strong stance on specific issues. Read our Position Statements here: SILC Position Statements

The Nevada SILC currently has a legislative subcommittee that tracks bill draft requests and discusses testimony and education offered by individuals with disabilities throughout our State. This subcommittee does not have a formal schedule, but upcoming meetings can be found on our meetings page: https://www.nvsilc.com/meetings/

Please contact us if you have any questions.