What is Olmstead?

Sue, Lois and Elaine, the three women representing the Olmstead decision pose in red, white and blue.

As you may be aware, Aging & Disability Services is working on a new Olmstead Plan in Nevada. When Social Entrepreneurs, Inc. (SEI), the contracted organization working on this project sent a survey out to the public, they found that many Nevadans, including people with disabilities, did not know what Olmstead is or what it is about. Nevada SILC knows it is very important that our community understand the implications of this landmark Supreme Court decision. So, we have found a couple of resources that we think can explain Olmstead and why it is so important.

Here is a great website that has a variety of excellent Olmstead information: https://www.olmsteadrights.org/about-olmstead/

and a short video that goes over the basics: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m3gpmiWwS5A

We hope you will take a look at either of these resources or both and become a more informed advocate!