ADA30 Lead On: Celebration of Disability Arts, Culture, Education & Pride!

Image of a teenage down syndrome boy looking at the camera, smiling and looking happy

“ADA30 Lead On: Celebration of Disability Arts, Culture, Education & Pride!”

Join us for this Live Streaming event on July 23, from 7:00-9:15pm ET on YouTube & Facebook Live

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Join host Danny Woodburn & other disability rights leaders, performers, artists, singers, dancers, poets, filmmakers and storytellers with disabilities.  Thanks to our Lead Sponsor, AT&T.

Appearances include: Tony Award-winner Ali Stroker; Academy Award-winner Marlee Matlin; Comedian/performers Maysoon Zayid, Geri Jewell, Kathy Buckley, Nic Novicki, Nina G., Andy Arias, Shannon DeVido, Selene Luna, and Michael Beer.

Singer-Songwriters – Emmanuel Kelly/NEVER ALONE; Anita Hollander/BODY OF THE FIGHTER with ASL Deaf Performer Alexandria Wailes; Elaine Kolb/WE WILL RIDE and NOT DEAD YET; Jeff Moyer/ADA ANTHEM; Johnny Crescendo and the Pop Squad/PRIDE; and KripHop Nation’s Leroy Moore & Keith Jones/MY ADA STORY.   NEVER ALONE In Memoriam edited by Bus Door Films’ Bradley Gantt and Ruan du Plessis with ASL Deaf performers: Michelle Banks, Erika Chirino, CJ Jones, Dickie Hearts, Krissy Lemon, and John McGinty.

Dancers – Alice Sheppard’s Kinetic Light/DESCENT; Heidi Latsky Dance/ON DISPLAY; Infinite Flow/Marisa Hamamoto and Auti Angel; Alie B. Gorrie, Evan Ruggiero, Blake Stadnick; and Full Radius.

Performers and/or ADA30 Birthday greetings by Poet Maria R. Palacios/CRIP WORDS OF ADVICE TO A YOUNGER GENERATION; Camryn Manheim and Cole Sibus, CJ Jones, RJ Mitte, Christine Bruno, Eileen Grubba, Diana Elizabeth Jordan, David Harrell, David Zimmerman, Marilee Talkington, Natalie Gross; Tal Anderson, Treshelle Edmond, Jerald Creer, Antoine Hunter, Performing Arts Studio West, Jenni Gold, Mark Ozdoba’s Mr. & Mrs. Snowman; SAG-AFTRA’s Gabrielle Carteris, Rebecca Damon and Camryn Manheim.

Disability Leaders Senator Tom Harkin, Judith Heumann, Tony Coelho, Haben Girma, ADAPT’s Anita Cameron and Heath Montgomery, Maria Town/AAPD, Kelly Buckland/NCIL, Jim Weissman/United Spinal, Shaun Castle/PVA, Diane Coleman/Not Dead Yet and Dan Fisher/National Coalition for Mental Health Recovery.

Government colleague greetings – Neil Romano/Chairman, National Council on Disability, Shelley Reeves/NIDILRR-ACL, Charles Baldwin/Mass Cultural Council, National Endowment for the Arts’ chairman Mary Anne Carter and Accessibility Director, Beth Bienvenu; Governor Tom Ridge; ADA/Mayor’s Office for People with Disabilities – Victor Calise/NYC, Stephen David Simon/Los Angeles, Nicole Bohn/San Francisco, Rachel Arfa/Chicago, Kristen McKosh/Boston, David Newburger/St. Louis, and Rachel Tanenhaus/Cambridge.

Trailers – courtesy of filmmakers: Jim LeBrecht and Nicole Newham/CRIP CAMP, Day Al-Mohamed/INVALID CORP, Eric Neudel and Alison Gilkey/LIVES WORTH LIVING, Yaara Kedem and Isaac Zablocki/ReelAbilities Film Festival NY.

Visual artists – Gina Klawitter/ALL THE WAY TO FREEDOM,  Oaklee Thiele-DisArt-Ford Foundation/MY DEAREST FRIENDS, plus Edmonroe and Neil Marcus/EvoluTOn of a Movement; Photographs –  Tom Olin/The Tom Olin Collection, an AT&T Humanity of Connection recipient.

Sponsor greetings – AT&T’s David Huntley, Bri King-Offord, Abdi Warsame, and Yasmine Jonaidi; Rodger DeRose/Kessler Foundation; Nic Novicki/Easterseals Disability Film Challenge; Candace Cable/Foundation for Global Sports Development and Sidewinder Films; Kathy Martinez/Wells Fargo; Karen Goss/Mid-Atlantic ADA Center; and Laura Owens/TransCen.

Accessibility – Open audio description and open captions provided by Woman of Her Word and Point 360, audio described by Michele Spitz. Sign Language interpreters Mara Bassani-Santamaria and Elena Lee provided by Bill Pugin’s The Sign Language Company. CART for planning meetings provided by ACS.

Image description – Two gold comedy and tragedy masks with red and blue accessible/lip readable PPE face masks revealing the smile of comedy and the frown of tragedy, next to a paint brush that is creating a musical staff that ends with a silhouette of Alice Sheppard, dancer using a wheelchair. The words ADA30 LEAD ON at the top, with Celebration of Disability Arts, Culture, Education & Pride appear at the bottom.