New WIPA Contact

The new CWIC (Community Work Incentive Coordinator) for the Nevada WIPA program through SSA (Social Security Administration) is Julie at Ability Connection Colorado.  As of July 1, 2021 ACCO is now the WIPA provider for the State of Nevada.

Their free services are to provide work incentive planning to people on SSI and/or SSDI who are working or considering work and wanting to understand how those earnings may impact the benefits they receive.  The first step at this time is to call the Ticket to Work helpline.  They will then decide if they need further information and will then send a referral to me at which time Julie will contact the beneficiary.

Ticket to Work/WIPA Program

Julie Taylor, CWIC

Ability Connection Colorado

411 Lakewood Circle, Suite B129

Colorado Springs, CO  80910

(719) 597-0068 office

(719) 250-0686 cell


ACCO CWIC Brochure