Laps for Peace 2020

Laps for Peace logo inside blue circle with Nevada Brain Injury swirl logo to the right

At a time when the world is full of change, the chaotic nature can play havoc with our health. International Peace Week reminds us to move more toward what works for us and call upon peaceful pursuits that help us to navigate turbulent times. The Laps for Peace event this week provides simple activities to focus on each day as you find your own way to create a lap. Whether it is with your eyes, fingers, or in a physical moving way, creating laps provides a neuroplastic experience that enriches your focus. This is designed for all ability levels where you create your own laps, at your own pace, in your own style.  Alone or with a partner or an organization, the UN’s message is about how we each shape the peace this year. Join us to shape it through your consistent movements to embody it!  Information and details can be found at: