Data Hub

Welcome to the data hub! To start or log back in, please go here where you will be able to login or create your new account. You also can bookmark the data hub login screen for quicker access in the future.

Any entity in Nevada who provides one of the following services has a place here:

  • AT (assistive technology)
  • Counseling/Mental Health
  • Special Education
  • Emergency Preparation Assistance
  • Financial Management Assistance
  • Food Security
  • Home modifications (ramps, grab bars, etc.)
  • Housing Assistance
  • Information and Referrals from Centers for Independent Living
  • Individual Advocacy (developing a plan and/or setting goals)
  • Legal Aid
  • Mobility Training (training on how to use bus or taxi service, or vehicle modifications)
  • Peer Counseling
  • Recreational Activities (sports, community events, etc.)
  • Personal Assistance (bathing, dressing, grooming, etc.)
  • Self-Care/Managing Health Care (cooking, cleaning, scheduling appointments, etc.)
  • Social Skills/Relationships Assistance/Opportunities
  • Systemic Advocacy (participating/having a voice in community affairs)
  • Transition Services (moving from an institution to independent living)
  • Vocational Rehabilitation (learning skills to get a job, job placement, etc.)
  • Youth Transition (planning adult life after high school including attending college)

We hope you will join us by completing a data survey based on your provider data. Once you have completed your survey and it has been reviewed and approved, you will have access to the provider forum where you can post and see information on the message board. NV SILC wants to provide a safe space for disability service providers to share resources, information and be able to ask the community for collaboration and expertise! We strive to connect all disability service providers throughout the State.

Data reports will be available to all participants; so, the more participation there is, the more robust the data will be. Encourage all Nevada providers to join us! You can update your survey as needed, but only one survey is required per federal fiscal year (October 1st-September 30th).  So we ask for the previous year’s data until October 1st comes along again. It is okay to submit the previous calendar year’s data, too, if that is how you run your reports.

Census data, State assessment data and more will be shared by the SILC in the message board each year along with any data spreadsheets we create for evaluation purposes. We also encourage any participants to share their own analyses and suggestions for improvements or specific data sources to be added.

The main purpose of this hub is to connect the disability community and collect Statewide disability data so we can all work smarter to close the gaps within disability services in our State, improve our outreach, evaluate our performance and meet all the needs of the disability community to improve independent living in Nevada.

*please note that documents cannot be shared directly in the message board, but links to online documents or other sites with those resources can be, including promotional websites.